My Quit Smoking Story

That's me in 1986, smoking in front of high school...

I guess I always knew I’d be a smoker, yet I didn’t allow myself to smoke until after junior high. Some limits, right? The day I finished junior high at age 14, I began. It lasted for 15 years.

Over the years I developed a relationship with cigarettes. And it was similar to any unhealthy relationship. I had a lot of needs being met, so I believed there was some good in it. It helped me to relax, connect, and act as if I were confident. It was a constant companion.

I tried to quit numerous times, the longest being 6 months.

Then, one night a group of girlfriends and I went out dancing and thought it would be fun to share a pack of cigarettes. We vowed it would be only for that night. Unfortunately, I started back full force and it was another five years of smoking until I quit for the last time.

Towards the end of those 15 years of smoking a pack and a half a day, I was faced with several difficulties. I lost my job, my relationship was challenging at best, my roommate had moved out, and I was left trying to decide where to live and what to do with my life. I was relying on this addiction to be my friend, boost my confidence, and relieve stress. I had to learn to meet those needs without the reliance on something outside myself.

I knew I needed to go within to gain clarity. At the time, only vaguely familiar with meditation, I tried it and received clear direction that NOW was time to quit smoking. Part of me couldn’t believe I could give up my faithful companion in the midst of my current chaos, but I felt guided. I wanted to trust that guidance. I knew ending this relationship with smoking would be painful, but necessary in order to live a better life.

So I picked a quit date and prepared for the journey by clearing my space of all cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays. I wasn’t necessarily ready, but something in me knew I had to do it if I wanted the life I desired and deserved. Hypnosis was invaluable in guiding me toward positive alternatives.

When I was quitting for the last time a dear friend shared with me, “The craving will pass whether you smoke or not”. This became a hugely important for me in my journey to smoke-free success. Hearing this made me feel empowered, knowing I had a choice and I wasn’t being deprived of a cigarette. I also learned that the craving is simply the crying out of the nicotine receptor sites throughout my body, and that they will naturally calm within 10-15 minutes.

I started to use procrastination in a positive way, getting busy with other activities in order to quell my temporary craving. To my relief, the craving did subside.

Three years after I quit my father died. It was one of the most difficult times of my life. His death was unexpected and shocking. In the past I would have used cigarettes to get me though. But, I am happy to say, I stayed smoke-free. I was already so far into my life without cigarettes, that smoking wasn’t even an option.

Now, after years of smoke-free success, I enjoy a rich and fulfilling life. I am physically healthier, more aware of my feelings, my relationships and communication are better. I have a loving husband, an amazing daughter, a business I enjoy, and I am part of a healthy community.

I did it, and I believe you can do it too.

Remember, you are worth it.

The results are worth it.

Happy Non-Smokers

SmokeFree Success® Includes

Working with Rebekka to quit smoking was one of the best investments I ever made. A pack a day smoker for over 10 years, I was feeling lethargic, spent too much on cigarettes and tried to quit on my own without success. Hypnosis worked! Nine years later I am still smoke-free.

Kristen Walker, Web Developer, Santa Barbara

I had been a smoker for nearly 40 years and had tried to quit on many occasions. I tried nicotine substitutes and various programs, but failed at all of my attempts to quit until I tried hypnosis. I am happy to say that I am a non-smoker! If Rebekka can help me, she can help you.

Bob Terry, Musician & Drummer, Santa Barbara

I quit smoking after 3 hypnosis sessions! I was not a heavy smoker and I had quit a few times prior, but now was ready to quit for good. After my sessions, I no longer had any urges and it's been over 6 years!

Lisa McGill, Aesthetician, Santa Barbara

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